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        Linyi Jiahong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in a solid mixture, granulation, pellets, pellets, drying equipment R & D, production and sales enterprise, company is located in the logistics are in Linyi in Shandong Province, the company is equipped with a number of senior engineers and senior technicians, and has their own electrical automation programming personnel can provide reliable pre-sale and after-sale guarantee to our customers, and our customers with industrial automation linkage design and scheme. Linyi Philip good Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd from the establishment of the "master of excellence, excellence" as the essence of the enterprise, management policy, the "customer as the center" as the enterprise staff's work idea, for this company has a complete process laboratory and equipment installation and commissioning departments, the product is small to 50g test, large to 500kg in the test, after sale to provide you with perfect service. Advanced software technology and high precision combination of hardware is the source of Linyi Jiahong precision machinery technological innovation, Jiahong precision machine working in the international advanced technology through industrial equipment referral to the Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, we not only provide high-quality products, we are pursuing is will be presented to you Jiahong precision machine of proprietary technology. When you are required to manufacture, the installation is completed, we will put into trial machine engineering and technical personnel will be responsible for the final commissioning work. We guarantee that all the technical indexes meet the requirements of the contract. Enterprise culture management concept: the market demand for the development of the guide, technology as the driving force, to innovation as the soul, to serve as the guarantee for the industrial progress to make a contribution. Enterprise vision: to be a reverend, equipment use income praise. Enterprise style: hard, sophisticated, fast. Core values: sincere, professional and enterprising, perfect, coexistence and win-win.


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